Zoning and Planning


The Town enacted exclusive agricultural zoning in 1964 and amended that zoning designation in 1984. The Town has adopted and falls under Sauk County Zoning.

Farmland Preservation

The State Farmland Preservation Program provides agriculture producers in Towns that are zoned Exclusive Agriculture the opportunity to receive income tax credits. For more information, contact Sauk County at (608) 355-3245 or on the web at Farmland Preservation Program for Sauk County

The Sauk County Farmland Preservation Plan may be viewed here:  Sauk County Farmland Preservation Plan | Sauk County Wisconsin Official Website


The Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan

The Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan provides a blueprint for future growth, change, revitalization, conservation and preservation of the Sauk Prairie area. For the purposes of The Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan, Sauk Prairie is defined as the Town of Prairie du Sac, and the Villages of Prairie du Sac and Sauk City. The Plan is intended to guide for decisions related to farmland preservation, development proposals, public investments, intergovernmental cooperation, economic policy, and a host of other factors.

The Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan looks at a 3 municipality Sauk Prairie area. It is divided into two volumes. Volume 1 – Conditions and Issues provides background information, trends, and projections for the Sauk Prairie Area. Volume 2 – Vision and Directions provides vision, goals, objectives, policies and initiatives for future enhancements for the Sauk Prairie Area.

To view the current Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan follow this link

Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan

Joint Recreational Plan

The two villages, the school district, and the town completed a joint recreational plan for the area to determine the long term recreational needs and recommend improvements to meet that future demand. The completion of this park and open space plan now makes the community eligible for state funding for acquiring land and constructing recreational improvements.

Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan


Click here for more Intergovernmental Coopertive Agreements and Committee meetings

Some lands adjacent to the Village limits fall under Extra Territorial Zoning (ETZ). 

For a map of the Village of Prairie du Sac ETZ areas click on the following: VofPdS_Official_Zoning_11x17_Amended_12.22.2020

For a map of the Village of Sauk City ETZ areas, clink on the following: Sauk City Extraterritorial Zoning Map_ADOPTED 12.11.18

For questions regarding zoning and permits for areas that lie within Extra Territorial Zoning districts:


The Village of Prairie du Sac
Phone: 608-643-2421

Website: prairiedusac.net

The Village of Sauk City
Phone: 608-643-3932
Website:  https://www.saukcity.net/

Most of the land area in the Town of Priarie du Sac falls under Sauk County Zoning.  For a listing of ordinances that are administer by the Sauk County  Department of Land Resources and Environment click here.

For an interpretation of these specific ordinances, please contact the Department @ 608-355-3245.




Click here for the Town of Prairie du Sac’s Ordinance and Permit information