Town Officials and Personnel

Airport Committee
Richard Nolden

Ambulance Committee
Craig Walch

E.T. Z. Committee
Tom Schneller
John Lichtenheld
Janine Godfriaux-Leystra

Click here for ETZ notices: ETZ notices

E.T.Z Board of Appeals Committee
Ernest Brucket

Valerie McAuliffe

Click here for ETZ BOA notices: ETZ BOA notices

Fire District Committee
Tom Schneller
Tom Murphy

Click here for Fire District Notices:  SFD Notices

Highway Workers
Richard Nolden
Terry Steuber

Intergovernmental Planning Committee
John Lichtenheld
Janine Godfriaux-Leystra Dennis Porter

Click here for IPC notices:  IPC notices

Planning Commission
Dennis Porter
Janine Godfriaux-Leystra
Cheryl Schneller
Galen Alwin
Dave Lundgren

Click here for Planning Commission Notices:Planning Commission Notices


Recreation Committee
Tom Murphy

Great Sauk Trail Commission
John Lichtenheld

Election Workers
John Balfanz

Heather Brooks

Brandon Dowd
Diane Kamps

Bruce Langley
Nancy Liegel
Linda Meier
Laura Nolden
Richard Nolden
Dennis Porter
Corrine Jonas
Jennifer Sawle
Gina Varley

Thomas Varley

For Town Clerk and Treasurer, Board members, meeting agendas and minutes, click here: Town Board


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