Ordinances and Permits

For questions regarding the need for a burning permit, visit the WI DNR webpage:

WI DNR Burning Permits

A special fire warning notice was issued on September 18, 2023.  This notice is in effective until further notice.   Click on the following to read the full notice:

Fire Warning Notice 2023

For questions regarding the need for a building or driveway permit from the Town.


Tracy Johnson
Building Inspector

For questions regarding the need of a County permit.


Sauk County Department of Land Resources and Environment 
Phone: 608-355-3245
Website: Sauk County LRE



For information or questions regarding permits in the Extra Territorial Zoning Districts

click here :    ETZ district information

Commercial Agricultural Vehicle Permits

As farm equipment has become larger and heavier there have been increasing concerns on the safety and damage to our roadways. Heavy loads have been shown to accelerate the deterioration of roadways leading to additional road expenses for maintenance and repair. In order to address this issue town, county, and state transportation officials have been meeting with the state legislature, agricultural industry, and equipment manufactures to develop a comprehensive way of addressing this issue. Sauk County and local towns have now developed new regulations to address the larger equipment. The weight limit on roads has been increased from 80,000 pounds to 92,000 pounds. Any equipment that is over 92,000 pounds must apply for and be granted a permit. On town roads, permits applications can be obtained from the town clerk, Dick Nolden, at 544-2406.