Town wide automated garbage and recycle pick up will help streamline services, reduce the amount of garbage disposed of improperly, and increase the amount of items recycled. The Town has approved a contract with Town & Country / Peterson Sanitation for garbage and recycle pick-up service for residential dwelling units in the Town. Town wide automated garbage and recycle pick-up begins January of 2023. Please be patient, be kind, as the company adjusts to new routes and schedules.

2023 Pick up Schedule:

The following is the schedule for the majority of the households in the Town

Certain weeks may have delayed recycle or garbage pick-ups.  The following note is from Town and Country:

Town and Country has a Facebook page where they may put announcements. This is found at Town & Country Sanitation Inc | Boscobel WI | Facebook

Please be patient, be kind, as the company adjusts to new routes and schedules.  If you have any questions, call Town and Country / Peterson Sanitation at (608) 375 – 5856 or 1 (800) 626 – 1915



Garbage should be placed in the garbage toter (black lid).  Lids must be closed.

Unacceptable garbage/refuse:  Yard waste; construction material; hazardous waste; electronics; appliances; items too large to fit into the container.


Recycles should be placed in the recycle toter (yellow lid).  Lids must be closed.

Acceptable recycles

  • Plastic- no. 1 thru 7 – rinsed, caps off.  May be placed loose in toter.
  • Glass. Jars and bottles of any color -rinsed, caps off.
  • Aluminum/tin – rinsed. May be placed loose in toter.
  • Newspapers, shiny inserts, magazines and phone books. May be placed loose in toter or bagged or bundled.
  • Cardboard – broken down and flattened into 2 feet by 2 feet pieces (or smaller).
  • Shredded paper needs to be placed in clear plastic bags prior to putting in toter.

Unacceptable Recycles:  Food waste; paper plates; ceramics and dishware; broken glass, windows and mirrors; styrofoam, packing peanuts or bubble wrap; medical waste; yard waste; oils; batteries; electronics; construction material.

Toter Placement

  • Make sure the arrows on the lids are pointing out towards the road.
  • Toters need to be at least three (3) feet from any fixed objects such as trees, streetlights, building or parked vehicles, and with a 2-3 foot gap between toters.
  • Toters should be six (6) or more feet from your mailbox.
  • If possible, place the toter near the end of your driveway.
  • The front edge of the toter should be one (1) foot from the edge of the road.   If you live on a road that has large truck or farm equipment traffic, the front edge of the toter should be placed two (2) feet (possibly more?*) from the road edge.*
    • Toters should not block traffic, traffic views, drainageways, or the view of your fire number.
  • Position the toter on as level of a surface as possible.
  • Toters should not be placed on snowbanks.


(*If you have any questions regarding a safe toter placement, please contact Town and Country / Peterson Sanitation at (608) 375 – 5856 or 1 (800) 626 – 1915 to arrange for suitable toter placement location.)


  • Lids need to be closed.
  • On the day of collection, toters need to be placed out by 6:00 am.
    • Do not set out more than 24-hours before day of collection.
  • Toters need to be returned to storage location within 24-hours of your collection day.
    • Toters should not be stored in the road right of way (33 feet from the center of the road).

Common Reasons for Missed Collections

  • Toter is not placed following the above guidelines.
  • Toter is placed out after the designated collection time.
  • Trash OR Recycles are outside of the cart.
  • The toter is overfilled (lids need to be closed to a substantial degree).
  • Toter is placed on a snowbank.
  • Contains unacceptable items (as listed above).


For more general information go to the Town and Country website at: https://www.townandcountrysanitation.com/

For more information regarding the Town of Prairie du Sac garbage and recycle pick-up click here:  https://www.townandcountrysanitation.com/township/prairie-du-sac-wi


 Other Disposal, Recycle and Composting Information

Peterson Sanitation continues to pick-up large items for an additional fee.  Please call 1-800-626-1915, or (608) 375-5856 for pick-up times, fees and restrictions

For information regarding hazardous waste material or electronics disposal options, click here: Clean Sweep and Alternative Disposal Information. 

Are you a producer of agriculture commodities? Click here for Agriculture Plastic recycling information:  Agriculture Plastic Recycling

Composting not only keeps some food waste out of the landfills, it is a great way to improve the health of soil.  Some yard waste and some food waste may be composted.  More information regarding composting can be found at these links:    

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The following letter was sent to residents in August of 2022: LettertoResidents_Aug_2022 .

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