Recycle Can IconResidential pick up of recyclables is made twice a month on the second and fourth Monday of the month.

All recyclables should be placed at the end of the driveway in a clear plastic bag.

Recyclables are to be mixed in the same bag (they do not need to be separated) and may

include glass, plastic, tin and aluminum as follows:

  • Plastic- no. 1 thru 7, rinsed, caps off
  • Glass- rinsed, caps off
  • Aluminum/tin-rinsed
  • Newspapers-bundled and securely tied
  • Cardboard- flattened and securely tied in bundles
  • Magazines

This service is available to all town residents and includes recyclables only. This service has been contracted to Town & Country Sanitation; any questions call 1-800-626-1915, or (608) 375-5856. It does not include regular garbage pickup (this must be contracted privately) nor does it include other non-recyclables (lead batteries, tires, yard waste, major appliances or motor oil).

The Sauk County landfill is now closed. You will need to contact a private contractor if you wish to dispose of material other than that accepted for recycling.  Town and Country is one private contractor offering garbage pick up.   For information regarding hazardous waste material disposal options, click here: Clean Sweep and Alternative Disposal Information

Are you a producer of agriculture commodities? Click here for Agriculture Plastic recycling information:  Agriculture Plastic Recycling

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